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Out of the office, doing something new together, breaking patterns and built up preconceptions of who we are...

Doing something creative outside of our usual routine helps us see one another in 

a new way.

Team Bonding Experiences & Custom Events

Let the SJCC host a workshop for you and your team.  This unique team build gives a chance for you and members of your team to relax and enjoy the cathartic process of working with clay on the pottery wheel or hand-building.  

Package includes 2 hours of instruction and making in clay.  Clay, tools, snacks and refreshment included.  Firing and finishing of work is a separate charge.

In order to accommodate the schedule of this community space, team builds are offered on Fridays from 1-3:00 only.

*There is a $50 registration fee for all events.  This is non refundable and is not included in the overall cost of the event.*


Package 1:

Get on the pottery wheel.  Maximum of 10 people

$55 per person.

Package 2:

Work in the hand building studio.  Maximum of 12 people.

$45 per person.

Include glaze finished works (limit 2 per person) $12 each. 

Package 3:

Fully immersed!  The first half of the team build will be on the pottery wheel and the second your team will get to 

create a unique hand built project to keep.  Maximum of 20 people.

$75 per person

This package includes a glazed finished work


Like to have your completed project shipped ?  We offer that service for $10 per person.

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