Punch Card Agreement

As a participant in the St. Johns Clay Collective Punch Card system, it is understood that I am participating in the health of a greater ceramic community.  As a member of this community I agree to the following rules and guidelines:


The Basics:

Punch Cards are not transferable to other individuals.

A punch card entitles you to sign up for 15 two-hour visits. You may sign up for concurrent slots on the same day, but each two hour visit is equal to one punch.


You must sign in and schedule your visit on our booking app AND sign in physically on the clipboard when you arrive.


Refunds for no-shows or cancellations are not allowed. Partial use of a time slot is not an option.


Using the studio without booking your visit online will result in forfeit of your punch card and studio use will be revoked.


Before using the space you must watch our mandatory cleaning video available on our "how to" video page.


Friends and guests can purchase a day pass through the online store when accompanied with you. You will be responsible for the conduct and equipment used by your guest.


The studio is monitored remotely during some open studio sessions.


Respectful Community:

Do not handle other people's work without permission.

Music played in the space will be in harmony and with the consent of others working in the space.

Users must agree to maintain a respectful and kind demeanor in the space toward other people and their belongings.

Racist, sexist or disrespectful language or behavior will not be tolerated.



No touching of the Kilns 

 I understand that in a community space accidents happen and SJCC is not responsible for broken or misfired works. 

At SJCC we can not guarantee firings for a variety of reasons so items may have to wait for when space is available.  Availability is at the discretion of the SJCC. 

Refunds for broken or misfired works are not guaranteed. 


Firing Fees:

Firing fees are $.10 per cubic inch. All firing fees must be paid in advance to either SJCC staff or in the SJCC online store.  If you pay online, you must include your payment order number on your firing slip, OR it must be signed by the staff person taking your transaction. Work without paid number or staff signature will not be put in the kiln.


NO firing on Stilts

There is a 5 cent per square inch fee for refires. 

Small works (bead size) should be fired on a tray or container for ease of loading.

Only proper bead trees designed for the purpose may be used and must have a high-temp wire of adequate gauge.  The whole bead tree should be measured as it will fire in a glaze to calculate proper area cost.


Use of space and storage:

 All clays used at SJCC must be cone 6 or higher. We have an in house reclaim system so we require use of only the lighter spectrum of stoneware and porcelain. If you want to work in reds or browns, please see the director to discuss.


I agree to maintain a modest amount of work and understand that this space is not suited for production.


SJCC can not offer storage of bisque or glaze ware for longer than 2 weeks. 


Shelving is used for work in active process. Please take your clay, tools and other personal belongings with you. Storage is provided only for green ware waiting for trimming and drying.


When possible ware-boards should be returned to circulation and NOT used for storage.  Ware-boards are primarily for transporting work. When necessary, a studio tech may collect wareboards and remove bone dry/ leather-hard works from them.

We are a small, shared space facility, and not suitable to store your materials.  If you do not have work in progress drying on the shelves


A warning will be issued in the form of a RED note if works are found without a proper Name & Date label.  Green-ware left for more than 2 weeks may be considered “abandoned”. 

Whenever possible wipe the shelves with a wet sponge to keep dust from building up and contributing to the major health hazard that clay dust is.


Studio Materials:


Studio ware-boards should be cleaned and when adequately dried and returned to proper storage space (under the main table).  


Use of the slab roller and extruder.  Please handle with care. Don’t force or jam hard clay through these machines


Plaster table; No scraping and gouging with metal or wood scrapers.  No knives and cutting on the surface.


General Cleaning Protocol, Health and Safety:


Leave the Studio cleaner than how you found it. See our mandatory cleaning video for Covid-19 and OSHA safety.


There is NO trimming or carving of dry work. EVER.

There is NO sweeping.  All clean-up is done wet with plenty of water.

 Make sure clay scraps and slurry go into the slurry bucket, Do Not push dry clay through the screen this will break the screen. 


Proper clean up of canvas tables: 

Canvas tables should be Saturated with water. This water will help break up the clay that has been worked into the canvas.  A large sponge should be used to absorb the dirty water. The advantage to using so much water is that you don’t have to rub so much, the water will naturally lift the clay out.  Any dark clay parts will be made visible and those parts may be rubbed with a sponge to help break them up and be carried out by the water.


Proper clean up for Wheels: 

Drip pans and throwing buckets should be thoroughly wiped and cleaned into the SLURRY BUCKET.  Drip pans, throwing bucket and tools should be washed in the HAND WASH bucket. A 5 gallon bucket will be filled (half way up minimum) this water will be used to wipe down all parts of the pottery wheel (top, underside, cords, peddle, stool, floor with a 3ft radius of your wheel and any place where clay from your wheel has splashed.  Wash tables, wheel, pedal, stool, drip pans, buckets and tools.


CLAY DUST is a very serious health concern in the studio.  Clay contains silica. When silica dust enters your lungs it doesn’t leave.  It only builds up over time. This build up can lead to a very painful and fatal illness; SILICOSIS.  For the health of everyone in the community it can not be stressed enough the importance of cleaning properly.  We all have fun getting muddy and dirty but when it is time to clean up, it’s time to get serious. The Messy nature of the material is not a PASS allowing people to be lax in their duty to clean the space.  Please help the SJCC community be a safe and healthy place for us all to enjoy for a long time. 


Immediate dismissal from SJCC will include but not limited to:


Use of studio without booking your punch visit in the online scheduler.


Theft or vandalism of any works, materials or equipment belonging to studio users or SJCC.


Rude, lewd sexual behavior, racist, sexist or other degrading language or violent behavior will NOT be tolerated.

 Using and handling of kiln or clay mixer without permission