SJCC  firing process

Please use these firing slips to get your work into the que and be invoiced for fees:


We are offering curbside drop-off and pick-up during open studio hours.

  • Our standard firing fees for curbside firing are $0.10 per cu. inch and a $5 min. 

  • Please use the measuring cubbie and firing slips available or print them from above PDF.  Calculate the cubic inch and multiply by $.10.  Round to the nearest full inch rather than partial inches.

  • Include your name, email and phone on the slip.  You will be sent an online invoice for the fee.  If your email is not on the slip, we can not put your work in the kiln.

  • Firing fees require a $5 minimum.

  • Leave your work and firing slip on the wire shelves at the studio #109.

  • Make sure your work is initialed, stamped or marked clearly!

  • We will fire when we have enough items for a full load. 
  • You must practice social distancing at the studio at all times and masks are required.

  • If there is not an attendant...this is all on the honor system. As with our normal firing policy, there are no guarantees regarding accidents, theft and loss.