The Kiln Yard

   We are a community based kiln yard in North Portland at

Green Anchors.  

Our Mission: To provide artist and the public to access for firing ceramic works in gas reduction and other specialized atmosphere kilns!

$40 per cubic foot.

Prepay to reserve your space HERE

Cone 6 fire January 15th

Drop off Jan 14th @ 5pm

Cone 10 Fire January 29th

Drop off Jan 28th at 5pm

What are we about? This is project is still in its infancy.

We have a Olympic D9 kiln.  We fire propane gas for our reduction firing.   The Kiln Yard does include a glazing and staging area for work.  

When firing will be available to the public for general firing, we will be firing to cone 6.

As a member you'll have access to reserving a full kiln for your work and getting on the calendar.  Training or shadowed firing sessions will be required before firing the kiln solo.

We have big HOPES for the success and possibilities this Kiln Yard.  For what it will provide to artists and the greater Portland clay community.    

We are starting with one kiln with hopefully more to follow, including a Soda kiln and regular Raku firings.


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