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The Kiln Yard

We are a community based Kiln Yard located in North Portland, Oregon.  


Our Mission: To provide artists and the public access to firing ceramic works in gas reduction.


The Kiln:

Our kiln (Pele') is an Olympic DD9 Down Draft kiln.  We fire with propane gas for our reduction firing.

Firing Schedule:

Currently we offer firings when we have enough work for a full load.  Both Cone 6 and Cone 10 firing are available.  For electric cone 6 firing, please visit St. Johns Clay Collective in house firing option.

Firing Cost:

Firing a full kiln is flat rate of $200​.  Community firing is $40 per cubic foot.

How do I get in the Kiln?:

If you wish to schedule a time to come see the kiln yard and discus get your work in the kiln is to text Sidney @ 503-442-9483.​

Want to Learn How to Fire?:

The Kiln Yard is a hands on system.  You are encouraged to help with the firing and leanr the ins and out of the process.  If you know how to fire and want to be in full control of the process, you will still be monitored for the first few fires until the owner in confident you are able to proceed effectively and safely.

Our Limits:

The Kiln Yard does not include glaze or bisque firing.  We fire the kiln only when full and can provide storage for works until such a time as the kiln is full and schedule allows for the kiln master to fire the works.

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