Open Studio 

"Punch Card"

Ten Visits


“To practice any art,

no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.

So do it.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

Punch Card 

One card is $100 and contains 10 studio visits (punches).  Each punch gives the user access to the studio during regularly scheduled open studio times.  One punch equals a minimum of 4 hrs for 40+ hrs open studio time!   Cost of firing is an additional charge of $.10 per cubic inch.  Each time you use the studio your card will be punched.  A punch is a single time use for the whole session; there are no partial punches. If a card is lost before completed then that card will be void and a new card with the remaining available punches will be reissued. Punch cards can be purchased online or in person; however you will need to come in for a brief orientation tour.  

See you soon at Open Studio!

To obtain a punch card:

1. READ, sign and submit this form by using the "apply" button, AND

2. PAY for the punch card through our online store by using the PURCHASE PUNCHCARD button below. 

Check in with staff in the studio. You'll be asked to confirm the agreement and payment when you pick up your punch card in person.