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What is SJCC? 

We are a community use ceramic studio.  We provide access to the equipment and classes necessary for people of any experience level to participate in working with clay.


We offer Open Studio time, private lessons, weekend and evening classes, workshops and membership opportunities for our shared studio space.

Our HOURS!   

Mon. 3-9 pm,  Tues 12-9 pm,  Thurs, Sat & Sun 12-6 pm

Finding us!

We are located in Workshop Cathedral Building at 6635 N Baltimore Ave.  Pass the main building entrance, and take a right turn into the courtyard driveway, just before the silver "waves" wall. Our entrance door is in the courtyard across from Occidental Brewing. We are on the ground level under the Urban German Wursthaus. 


How do I get involved? 

You can register for a class, get a Punch Card to attend open studio, or join the SJCC as a Member.  Just want to try it out? We offer private lessons or sign up for a 90 min. wheel sampler.  


What is a “Punch Card”?

A Punch Card comes with 10 Punches ( good for 10 visits to open studio) and is $100.  Each punch is for three hours of studio time, not by the hour. There are no partial punches.  You can’t split punches between people.

Interested? Fill out our punchcard agreement HERE.

How do kiln firings work? 

Here at SJCC we fire to cone 04 for bisque and cone 5 for glaze.  Firing is 10 cents per cubic inch, this payment covers both the bisque and glaze firing and use of our in-house glazes.  You can bring in your own glazes provided they are Cone 6. 


We do fire work that was not made in our studio on a first come-first served basis.  Bisque is loaded every week. Glaze kiln is loaded weekly or as demand requires.  To get work fired, bring us your work during open studio hours and we will help you measure your work for firing. Please review our "HowTo" video page for a tutorial.


Do you teach classes?  

Sure!  We have ongoing classes for all types of interests: samplers, intro to wheel, intermediate wheel, handbuilding, sculpture and special workshops offered seasonally. 


Classes for Kids?   


Our policy is that children be at least 12 years old before they can use our wheels.

Anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to take our regular courses.  We do offer children's classes in hand-building during the summer. Check our classes page for offerings. 


Do I need to bring my own clay and tools?  

We sell white stoneware clay and basic potter's wheel tools.  You can purchase these online or from our studio monitor during open hours.

We do not allow red or colored clay in the space, sorry, only light colored stoneware or porcelain. 

Do I need to have clay experience to use the space or register for a class?  

You are welcome to use open studio to practice if you already have a grasp of the basics.  There is no instruction during open studio, but questions are encouraged. Our members and studio users love to share and collaborate.  Studio monitors are there to help as well.

I have to miss a class, is that ok?   

Missing a class is not uncommon, life happens, and that should not deter you from attending the rest of your classes for that month.  We do not provide make up lessons or other compensation for missed classes, but instead we encourage you to get into the studio and practice what you missed.  Open studio provides ample opportunity to get in an make up the class time lost.


Cancellations and Refunds?

You changed your mind or something came up.  Ok, we understand.

If you can give us 10 days notice, we will transfer your reservation to another class in the future.  


Need to cancel and don’t want to choose another class or lesson? Fine. Email us the date of the class and we will cancel your seat and send you a refund, minus 15% cancellation fee if start of class is still 10 days out.


We do not offer refunds ten days prior to class start date.


We do not offer refunds for gift cards, clay or tools. 


Private lessons, events and team building opportunities require payment in full to get on our schedule.

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