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St. Johns Clay Collective

Artist in Residency Program

St Johns Clay Collective offers an Artist Residency!

This is a 4 month artist residency that will allow you the space and materials needed to aid in the development of your work and esthetic as a artist and creator. 


Residency comes with a work space, 24 hr access* and $250 stipend to be used to help off set the cost of raw materials and kiln firings.


This residency is geared toward new art graduates or working artists with aspirations to delve further into their own process and artistic development.

At the SJCC you will be working along side students and members of the SJCC helping to inspire the community and help nurture a positive creative environment for ceramic education and exploration.  

As a resident you  will be expected to help during open studio times, as a professional and an ambassador of the SJCC.  More details will follow in the interview process.


You are welcome to email your application to or deliver it in person during any of the open studio times. 

{*there is no studio access during scheduled classes}

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